“When MoveMe was left with the skeleton of a new website and under time and resource pressure to transfer content from old to new, Deborah was quickly able to understand an unfamiliar system, and efficiently get the job done.”

- Andrew Lonie, Dunedin City Council

Book Editing

“Thank you for proofreading my book - it was great to have the work done in such an efficient and timely manner. I'll be recommending you to my colleagues.”

- Associate Professor David Fletcher, University of Otago,

Dunedin Walks

“Deborah’s concise writing and systematic editing skills were a vital link in the chain of getting a landmark public information project done for Dunedin City, allowing the concept of a joint agency Dunedin walking brochure to evolve from an array of scattered information to a single professional product.”

- Andrew Lonie, Dunedin City Council