The total cost will depend on the complexity of the work and the kind of editing required. A substantive content edit will take longer than a copy edit, for example.

I ask for a sample of your work (1,000, to 2,000 words) so we are both able to get an idea of what the project involves.

My aim is to help you tell your story or communicate your thesis while not altering your ‘voice’.

Once I’ve sent your work back to you, we can discuss any comments or questions you may have.


$40 per hour

$30 per hour (students)

Content Editing

Content editing looks at structure of the whole book. Suggestions are made to improve the clarity, flow, and style of the overall work. While this can be time consuming, it is great to have another pair of eyes checking that the plot works or the argument put forward is clear and logical.

Copy Editing

Copy editing involves reading through the work for style and consistency, as well as spelling and grammar. Changes or suggestions are made on a sentence by sentence, or paragraph by paragraph level.


Proofreading checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, missing punctuation, and formatting errors such as line spacing and paragraph breaks. It is the final step before publication.